Successfully Execute your Strategy with GRAND Business Insights™ and SAE Optimizer™

“SAE Optimizer clearly bridges the contextual gap between strategy and execution that is missing from all other analytics & reporting platforms”

– the CEO of a large independent physician enterprise

Who We Are

GrandMetrics provides industry-configured business intelligence and analytics as-a-service solutions to small and middle market enterprises (SME’s).

Our cloud-based SAE Optimizer™ and The CFO’s Watchdog™ solutions portfolio allow for Accelerated-Time-to-Value™ by facilitating Smart Execution for our Wholesale/Distribution and Health Care SME clients. Our industry-configured offerings come ready-to-use, providing easy access from any device to impactful and actionable business insights and analytics content across complex business processes, diverse operational systems, and disparate data sources.

What We Do

We make business intelligence and analytics easy by managing the entire process and delivering all of the powerful content as a completely outsourced and affordable managed service. Thus, our clients’ management team can simply make sound decisions, take impactful actions, and successfully execute strategy that unlocks the potential for sustainable value creation and profitable growth with immediate, substantial, and measurable ROI impact.

How We're Different

Our GRAND Fundamental Approaches™ to BI and Analytics ensures

We get your team up and running within weeks, not months. To enable accelerated time to value identification and capture, we leverage industry-configured Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, data models, and industry-specific embedded Learning & Growth along with insightful auto-generated commentary, industry benchmarking and data governance across our solutions portfolio.

And our extremely powerful, compelling, and insightful content – gleaned through our searchable library of industry-configured reports, visuals, analytics, and dashboards – is designed to provide your management team with actionable business insights into managing your day-to-day business.

Why Us

We make BI and Analytics easier, insightful, compelling and actionable. Our knowledge of your industry is embedded throughout our solutions, along with industry benchmarking, allowing for Accelerated-Time-to-Value™ not available using traditional BI platforms.

Answers are just a click away

Using GRAND Business Insights™, our wholesale distribution clients can answer the most important questions on all facets of their company.  Click the topics below to see some of the questions where answers are just a click away.

Sales Answers
  • What is the net profit contributed by each of our customers? By each of our products?
  • What customers and what items have had the largest decline (or the largest gain) in sales?
  • What customers and what items have had the largest decline (or the largest gain) in gross margin ?
  • How does each salesman’s unit pricing compare to other salesmen?
  • What customers have recently stopped buying from us? What items did they stop buying?
  • What items have recently stopped selling altogether?
  • Could we better capitalize on cross-sell and/or up-sell opportunities?
  • Which of our sales promotions have been most effective?
  • What are the top items sold to Company ABC in terms sales? In terms of profitability?
  • How many new customers did we recently add and what are their annualized sales?
  • What outside salesperson has the highest customer churn? How does the average customer tenure vary by customer segment?
Inventory Answers
  • What is the net operating profit (or loss) contributed by each inventory SKU’s?
  • What are the fastest turning inventory SKUs?
  • From which vendors does the company carry the largest percentage of slow turning inventory?
  • What are inventory turns by BIN location?
  • How are inventory turns trending by division?
  • How do inventory balances compare to those targeted? What SKUs are over the targeted levels?
  • Which items have too much stock on hand?
  • Which SKUs have excess on hand quantities at one branch, while having too little of the same SKU at other branches?
  • Which recent vendor cost increase will most negatively impact the bottom line if selling prices aren’t adjusted?
  • Why does my ERP system suggest we stock so much of an item?
  • Which special order items should we consider stocking?
  • Which items have the lowest gross margin return on investment (GMROI)?
  • What is an estimate of the loss that may be associated with on hand slow moving inventories?
Strategy Answers
  • Have you defined the Vision, Mission, and Unique Selling Proposition for your company?
  • Are your organizational resources aligned with your strategic goals and objectives?
  • Have you defined a clear Go-to-Market Strategy?
  • Do you have a 3-Year Summary Plan, and if so, does it align with your Vision and Strategy?
  • Are there any Financial Constraints that will impact your 3-year Financial Goals?
  • What are your company’s Strengths and Weaknesses and how do they impact your Strategic Plan?
  • Have you assessed Opportunities and Threats that are relevant to your competitive positioning?
  • Have you broken down Strategic Objectives into manageable Initiatives and defined the Actions, timeframes and resources needed to achieve each Initiative?
  • What Strategic Initiative is the most behind Goal?
  • Which Actions have been most impactful to your Initiative to increase sales?
  • Did you appoint Initiative Champions and assign Actions to Team Members?
  • Which Initiative Champion is most ahead of their Goal?
  • Which team member has most contributed to the results of our Strategic Plan?
Financials Answers
  • What is our company’s return on investment (“ROI”) and how is it trending?
  • How does our company’s ROI compare to the industry?
  • What are the “levers” for improving company ROI?
  • How does our company compare to the industry for each of these levers?
  • How do major overhead expenses vary by division as a percent of sales?
  • What is our return on assets (“ROA”), and how is it trending?
  • Which selling expenses jumped so much this month?
  • Which increase in our expenses had the most negative impact on our profitability?
  • How can I easily drill down from a financial statement line item, into the underlying GL accounts, and further into the full GL posting details with a click of a mouse?
A/R and A/P Answers
  • What customer segment has the slowest paying customers?
  • What are the monthly past due and days to pay trends for each customer?
  • What customers should I send collection letters to?
  • Are the average days to pay and AR aging trends of each customer improving or worsening?
  • What are the past due A/R balances by salesman so I can solicit their help in collecting?
  • What unpaid invoices are on the books that are over 180 days old? Which are over 365 days old?
  • What is an estimate of the bad debt loss that may be associated with past due receivables?
  • What is the average days to pay for each of our vendors?
  • Which vendor has the largest percent of past due invoices?
  • Which open vendor POs are delaying open sales orders?
  • What are the open POs by vendor and which PO lines are past the vendor’s promised date?
Payroll Answers
  • How are the company’s headcounts trending in total, by department, or by location?
  • What are the gross pay trends as a percentage of sales over the past 2 years by division and/or by department?
  • How do biweekly gross pay trends compare to budgeted levels by division and department?
  • How do overtime levels compare by division, department, employee title and/or employee?
  • What are the employee productivity trends for each department?
  • How do hourly pay rates compare across divisions, departments or positions?
  • What are the average salaries by position? How do they vary by Location?
  • Which employees are paid significantly over (or under) the company average for their department or position?
  • What is the employee turnover rate for each location? For each department? How is it trending?


  • GrandMetrics’ Strategic Planning and ExecutionTM has provided us a structured plan to achieve our targeted profit growth for the upcoming year. Every aspect of our strategic plan is linked to specific underlying actions tracked against targeted results within GrandMetrics to make sure we stay on track.

  • Year-over-year profits following implementation rose 14%, which I can directly associate with GrandMetrics’ actionable insights. When coupled with the improvement in our asset turnover enabled by Grand Business Insights™, our return on capital is running more than 50% greater than the norm for our industry.


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