Grand Value Navigator™

Grand Value Navigator™ provides Value Paths which help accelerate time to actionable business insights:


1. Strategic Planning & Execution  [Change focus]

Utilizing this value path, you can create a Strategic Plan unique to your company and business context, as well as manage the execution of your strategy using GRAND Execution™ (for wholesale distributors) or SAE Optimizer (for Health Care clients). Based on your defined macro level strategy, you identify GRAND Strategy Pillars™ that support the foundation for successfully executing the strategy. The GRAND Strategy Pillars™ serve as guides to the selection of alternative Strategic Objectives which are predefined and/or custom according to your business. From these Strategic Objectives, you may fine-tune your plan by selecting from pre-defined and/or custom Initiatives and relevant supporting Actions, and linked to interactive and relevant content (such as reports, visuals, analytics and dashboards) built to support such business objectives. The tool also helps you accomplish your performance measurement & management functions allowing you to establish time-bound goals and resources for each initiative, as well as defining and monitoring an action plan to accomplish each initiative. Your users can track their results for each assigned Strategic Objectives, against the goals established for each Initiative.  With a click of a mouse, you can explore pertinent content relative to each Action and discover new opportunities to implement value enhancing changes.

2. Sequential Review [Process focus]

GRAND Business Insights™ helps when you desire a more structured approach to managing your area of responsibility.  You can identify specific content that you want to review weekly, monthly or quarterly, or even annually, and establish a custom portal built specifically for you, that defines your management review in a series of steps. By clicking on each step, you are directed to the report or information associated with completing the step. For instance, every Monday morning a CEO may want to review a dozen reports or information which they find most important to their weekly review process. The reports may include actionable business insights across multiple business processes, functional areas, or data sources. The CEO sets up a weekly Sequential Review. Then each Monday, the CEO uses a custom portal which shows their defined workflow review, and simply clicks on each step to efficiently garnish the actionable business insight from each associated report or visualization.

3. Personalized Dashboards [Role focus]

Customized and personalized interactive dashboards can be configured for various defined roles within your company. Such dashboards can serve as summarized view of certain business intelligence along with actionable business insights and analytics you may want to monitor. These dashboards can also help you drill through a deeper curated library of reports which are relevant to your management role. For instance, dashboards can be personalized for roles such as the CEO, the CFO, the Sales Manager or the Operations Manager.

4. Click-to-Answer™ [Query focus]

Many users may be seeking the answer to a specific business question, but they don’t know where to easily find the answer.  As part of our smart data exploration and discovery capability, Click-to-Answer allows you to search our library of business questions or scenarios, and then simply click to navigate to the specific content (such as report, visual, analytics content, or dashboard) where the answer can be found.

5. Functional Inquiry [Data focus]

If you are specifically interested in some type of information or data within a business function, you can navigate directly to the business function based on the type of information or data you seek. As an example, you may navigate directly to a library of content (such as reports, visuals, analytics content, and dashboards) and explore the various data points within such business functions as Sales, Inventory, Receivables, Payables, Financial, Payroll, Productivity, etc.

6. Alerts [Exception focus]

Our periodic alert and alarm conditions allow you to follow-up and act on pre-defined exception conditions relative to outstanding sales history, open sales orders, inventory, open purchase orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger, financial statements and payroll.

7. ProfitWrench™ & SAE Optimizer [Profit focus]

Our multi-dimensional costing & profitability analysis offerings ProfitWrench™ (designed for our wholesale distributor clients), and SAE Optimizer™ (designed for our Health care clients), determine profitability at a very granular level, so you can drill-down and/or roll-up the results to determine the most profitable and least profitable segments of your business. These powerful modules will not only enable you to understand which areas of your enterprise are the profit drains and which generate the highest returns (i.e. descriptive), but more importantly, will identify the reasons why (i.e. diagnostic), so you can either make the corrective fixes or maximize your profit opportunities (i.e. prescriptive) and predict the cost-to-serve as well as profitability at any dimension of your business (i.e. predictive).

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Value Paths unlock value creation opportunities relative to the following dimensions

Market: industry benchmarking, market penetration, market conditions, competitor information

Customer: A/R, lifetime value, segmentation, salesperson, churn, profitability, gross margin, sales growth

Product: A/P, inventory turns, category, vendor, churn, profitability, gross margin, sales growth

Operational: cost-to-serve, service levels, workforce productivity, asset management, capacity utilization

Financial: financial results, financial position, financial analysis, transaction profitability



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