What’s New

Fully automated P&L Projections added to Custom “What-If” Scenario Functionality

P&L Projections are now auto-generated by Financial Tracker™ every month based on any of the following methodologies:

1. Continuation of Trailing Actual Results Trendlines over the remainder of the year
2. Actual YTD Results + Average Trailing Monthly Results over the remainder of the year
3. Actual YTD Results + Remainder of Year Results assumed to be the same as prior year
4. Actual YTD Results + Budget for remainder of year
5. Actual YTD Results Annualized

P&L Projections are developed at a granular level, so you can drill down into the projections to view the projections by Region, Location or Division, or to drill down into the projections to view projected amounts by F/S line, general ledger category or account.

The new P&L Projections functionality is in addition to the “What-If Scenario” functionality added to Financial Tracker™ early in 2020.

Manage loan covenant compliance using Financial Tracker™

Managing loan covenant ratio compliance has never been easier using Financial Tracker™. All financial and non-financial ratios can be setup and tracked every month throughout the year. All ratios are auto-calculated specific to the period required by your covenant. For example, ratio’s can be calculated to measure quarterly debt service ratio compliance, rolling 12 months compliance or annual year-end compliance. Covenants that are based on financial results which are based on general ledger amounts are 100% automated. Covenants based on non-financial data or data not captured by general ledger are auto-calculated based on custom data uploads.

The CFO’s Watchdog™ Introduced to Marketplace

GrandMetrics has recently rolled out The CFO’s Watchdog™, a powerful financial and analytics reporting alternative to traditional financial reporting. Unlike traditional financial reporting, The CFO’s Watchdog™ is built on a Business Intelligence platform which provides an interactive environment for financial reporting & analysis which includes drill-down and drill-through functionality, powerful AI and analytics, insightful visualizations, “smart” financial commentary, and industry benchmarking.

SAE Performance Aligner™ released

SAE Performance Aligner™ is designed as a stand-alone module, or offered as an upgrade to our SAE Optimizer™ platform which is used to optimize the results of hospital-owned and private physician enterprises.

New Customer Retention KPI’s & Reporting

Grand Business Insights™ has introduced advanced customer retention analysis that track retention rates and lifecycles by a variety of customer categories, such as customer type and salesperson. Using this analysis, you can segment your customers to compare retention rates for large customers versus small (in terms of annual sales) or determine how many customers are lost within the first year of service (perhaps suggesting the need to improve the quality of your onboarding), or perhaps after 5 years of service (or any designated number of years).

New report identifies GM% variances versus budget, last month and last year by category

This report shows the month-to-date Gross Margin % variance by customer segment and by product segment, versus the GM% per the budget, last month, and the corresponding month last year. Use this report to determine to help explain a change in GM% that may be due to changes in the customer type sales mix and/or product type sales mix. Filter the report to further isolate changes by salesperson or division.

New Salesperson Reassignment report tracks the impact of a change in sales personnel

From time to time, outside sales personnel are reassigned. Sometimes this is due to the departure of a former salesperson. Other times, the reassignment may be caused by a customer being underdeveloped, or due to the request of a customer. Whatever the case, did the change have the intended favorable impact on the sales and margin trends of the customer? This new report shows the sales and gross margin% trends and comparative totals of the customer’s activity prior to and after the reassignment.

New report shows the impact of recent changes in unit selling prices

What will be the impact of changes in unit selling prices be on future sales? Which item had a price increase, and which had a price decrease? Which customers were impacted the most by these price changes? Which salespersons have implemented prices increases and which are reducing prices to their customers? These questions and more are answered by the new Unit Price Changes report, which compares the pricing on all items sold in the current month-to-date, against the pricing in the prior month to identify items having had recent price changes. This report identifies the average price increase or decrease percentage, to identify items with the largest price change. In addition, the annual impact of these price changes on sales and margins is computed by multiplying the net change in unit price by the annual units sold in the prior rolling 12 months. Those unit price changes most impactful are readily highlighted. Use this report to monitor the day-to-day price decisions of your management team or to stay abreast of the impact that such changes may have on your bottom line.

Grand Strategic Planning & Execution™ Capability

The strategic plans of many companies fail to produce the desired strategic changes to their business. Prominent reasons for the failure have to do with the lack of structure in their planning process, the lack of access to and consumption of actionable insights, and/or the lack of an effective performance management system.

GrandMetrics is pleased to announce its Grand Strategic Planning & Execution™ capability, as part of our Grand Business Insights™ solutions portfolio, which is designed to overcome these issues.

Grand Business Insights™ drives profitable growth and sustainable value creation

Grand Business Insights™ is an industry-configured cloud-based solution portfolio that drives profitable growth and sustainable value creation by providing value paths to the consumption of actionable business insights through smart data exploration and discovery capability.

Grand Business Insights™ is designed around our GRAND Fundamental Approaches™ which ensures effective strategy execution, sound decision making and powerful performance management.

Remove all applied filters with a single click!

Users can easily remove all filters that they may have applied to a report or visualization with a single mouse click. This reverts the report to its default view. You will find this to be a real timesaver! Click on the image of the filter with the red “X” which is found to the right of the GrandMetrics logo on every report.

Identify customer invoices which may have been lost, causing them not to have been paid.

It is not uncommon for a customer to misplace some invoices causing them to never get setup for payment. Perhaps a simple letter or email could help get these overlooked payments resolved. The new “Old Unpaid Invoices” report can isolate possible missed payments and can be used to generate mail-merge letters or email blasts to your customers. Find customers with relatively current balances, but who have a few old unpaid invoices and automate a communication campaign to collect such outstanding amounts.

Price Change Analysis Report analyzes the effectiveness of recently implemented unit price changes

Often pricing strategies include raises prices more aggressively on items that have low unit selling prices, and / or on items that generally have lower sales velocity. This is because buyers of such items don’t spend as much time price shopping such items. Raising prices on higher priced items is often approached more cautiously. Companies implementing such a strategy can now determine whether such strategies have been effective by reviewing the new GrandMetrics Price Change Analysis report.

Establish Targets for Inventory or Accounts Receivable which automatically flex with your business.

GrandMetrics’ Inventory module and Accounts Receivable module allows for the creation of “flex” targets. Establish targeted inventory turns by product type and /or establish targeted A/R days to collect for each customer type. Then track your actual inventory $ balances or your A/R $ balances against the targeted investment levels had you attained these targets. Since the targets automatically adjust with your volumes and with changes in your sales mix, the targets automatically adjust with changes in your business.

Inventory Trending

Inventory trend reporting shows how your inventory inventory is trending over time. Inventory trend reporting is flexible, allowing the user to view inventory trends measured in units or dollars, as well as inventory turns measured in units or dollars. Review inventory trends by division, product category, vendor or item. Compare trends across divisions, or view trends related to inventory gains and losses arising from adjustments. Also review trends by pick counts, put-away counts or warehouse transfers for divisions, vendors or items.

Inventory Adjustments / Error Rate Reporting

The inventory module tracks inventory adjustments and overall error rates at a SKU level, categorizing them using reason codes, and using additional categorizations that bring additional insight to their possible causes. For example, in addition to showing where error rates are the highest in terms of quantities and dollars, visualizations readily categorize adjustments by warehouse, by reason code, by BIN location, by product type, by vendor, by adjusting employee and by item, or any combination of these. See inventory adjustment trend lines in both dollars and units for any item or category, or setup alerts to be notified of large variances.

Price-Volume Variance Analysis

Periodically, every business must decide as to whether to change their sales prices. But are the changes in unit prices you recently implemented benefiting your bottom line, or harming it? And are the changes in selling prices covering the changes in purchased unit costs over the same timeframe?

To answer this question, GrandMetrics provides a “Price-Volume Variance Analysis” that analyzes the impact of changes in unit selling prices, unit purchased cost, and sales volumes (i.e. units sold). This report compares your sales activity for a current period (after price changes went into effect), against the sales activity of a corresponding former period (before the prices changes went into effect) and sheds light as to whether the last round of price increases positively impacted your bottom line, or whether it caused a loss in sales volumes that negatively impacted your bottom line. It also factors in changes in vendor unit costs, to determine if the selling price increases are covering possible vendor unit cost changes.

The analysis is performed at a SKU level, so it can be rolled up to show the overall company impact, or just the impact on a product type, a customer segment or a customer.

Financial Statement Drilldowns and Commentary

The GrandMetrics financial statement reporting enables a user to select any Balance Sheet or Income Statement, and with a single click of the mouse, view the breakdown of a selected financial statement line by subcategory, by general ledger account, and by underlying general ledger transactions specific to the corresponding time-period being viewed. View the Balance Sheet for any month, or view the Income Statement for a variety of time periods, including the month, the year-to-date, the quarter-to-date, the rolling quarter, the last 12 months, or the last fiscal year. Financials compare the current period to the same period of the prior year or to the budget. Easily review financial statement balances, key performance indicators (“KPIs”), and related financial trends and compare to your industry using powerful prebuilt visualizations. And post management commentary and GL account notes regarding any financial statement period which become viewable when that period’s financials are selected.

Accounts Receivable Collection Letter Tool

Combining BI intelligence with automated mail merge or email blast routines make collection letters a very efficient and effective process for GrandMetrics clients to implement.    At any time, GrandMetrics BI recommends a list of customers to be sent one of four pre-styled collection letters.  Customer letter selections can be easily modified to be more or less lenient, or can be easily moved from a more aggressive toned letter, to a less aggressive one, or vice versa.  The richly formatted collection letters can be tailored to satisfy any client’s design scheme (i.e. custom wording, colors, graphics and fonts), and can be distributed in minutes via email blitzes and/or mail merge functionality available through Microsoft WORD™ and Outlook™.

Workforce Cost Efficiency Reporting

The workforce productivity reporting compares direct, indirect and management gross payrolls for each department against the underlying daily sales activity processed by the respective department. Resulting metrics measure the productivity of direct workers, and the additional costs associated with indirect support employees and department management.

Department productivity metrics include Lines Picked per Direct Warehouse Employee, Deliveries per Driver per Day, Invoices per Order Entry Employee per Day, and Gross Margin per Salesperson per Day. This module also looks for top heavy management structures by comparing and trending each department’s indirect labor as a percentage of its direct labor, and department management wages vs. the wages supervised by management. Cost inefficiencies caused by increases in pay rates are identified by trending Base Hourly Rates and Overtime Pay for each department, and breaking these down between direct and indirect labor, as well as trending average department manager salaries.

Email blasts and mail-merge functionality targets existing customers for new sales opportunities

GrandMetrics BI provides pre-built email and mail-merge templates along with the sales and customer data, to generate new sales from existing customers. Two groups of customers are targeted using these tools. (1) customers who recently stopped buying certain Sku’s / items and (2) customers that are currently buying a certain item, but have never purchased a related or complimentary item that is typically purchased by other similar customers.

The richly formatted marketing materials can be tailored to satisfy any client’s design scheme (i.e. custom wording, colors, graphics and fonts), and can be distributed via email blitzes and/or mail merge functionality available through Microsoft WORD™ and Outlook™.

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